iTOVI Health Scan

The iTOVi scanner is a non-diagnostic device that shows you which essential oils and supplements your body has the strongest response to at the time of the scan. Products currently recognized are through Nature's Sunshine which offer the highest quality herbal supplements, vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements.

Initial Health Scan

20-30 mins $20

Follow-up Health Scan

10-15 mins $10

About iTOVI Technology


The Science

Our bodies are highly complex chemical, structural, and energetic masterpieces with trillions of components and millions of processes and cycles. The elegant symphony that occurs within each of us to keep our body in a state of well-being highlights our complexity and individuality. The body also has many ways of revealing its inner workings beyond that of traditional methods.

The Stimulus

Continually on the move, our bodies are changing, pivoting, and adjusting to keep us in a state of health and homeostasis. Internal and environmental stressors, both useful and harmful, are some of the leading causes of these changes and generate reactions within the body. iTOVi traces these occurrences in the body by sending stimuli to induce a response.

The Response

For centuries, reactions from the body have been observed and recorded using a variety of methods, including pulse, eye dilation, breathing patterns, and more. iTOVi uses galvanic skin response (GSR) by measuring the electrical conductivity of the skin and identifying the most pronounced changes.

The Algorithm

Galvanic skin response has been around for a long time, and iTOVi is making advances into the measurements GSR provides. After an iTOVi hand scan is complete, the data is processed through iTOVi’s complex proprietary algorithm, giving us a deeper look at the small changes in the conductivity of the skin. We then analyze the scan results to increase the intelligence of the iTOVi algorithm.

The Report

Once the iTOVi scan is complete, a report will show you the results of your scan. The scan results are listed in priority based on the changes in the electrical conductivity of the skin. The report is permanently saved under the your name in our app. You can also choose to email or text the report to yourself, giving you a convenient way to review the scan results at any time. 

Together, We Take Control of Your Nutrition Goals

Whether your goal is to improve the wellness of yourself or your family, the iTOVi  scanner is here to help by providing a personalized report of oils and supplements for you from our recommended product line, Nature's Sunshine. We also carry other lines of supplements - however, at this time our scanner is not linked with these companies.

How iTOVI Works

"Everything Is Energy and Vibrating Frequency"

 The iTOVi scanner combines galvanic skin response (GSR), pressure sensor, temperature, and Bluetooth technologies to measure small changes in the electrical conductivity of the skin. 

Everything is energy and everything is vibrating a particular frequency. The iTOVi scanner sends a frequency to your body and your body reacts through the technology called bioimpedance. Bioimpedance is a well established technology. You may recognize it best in such uses at the pulse and step checker bracelets you commonly see people wearing, such as in a FitBit. The process involves passing a small electrical current through the skin (It is painless and you don’t even notice the current). The device can measure a reaction through how well your skin resists or does not resist the electrical current.

The frequency is sent to the body and then the iTOVi scanner helps to determine your body’s reaction to the frequency of Nature's Sunshine vitamins, supplements and essential oils. Your body’s autonomic nervous system gives reactions to those frequencies. 

The idea is that you can support the body through a product that Nature's Sunshine carries with a product that will give you a similar response. These customized reactions can help customize your body’s nutrition and support your overall wellness.

Understanding Your Results

Understanding Biopoints

Understanding Your Report

Understanding Your Report


 iTOVi accurately displays your body’s reactions to the iTOVi biopoints and Nature's Sunshine products. 

The biopoints are measured and ranked. It reads 273 biopoints. The iTOVi scanner uses an algorithm to determine which biopoints are considered unresolved. 

Example // If a client has 180 biopoints unresolved and another client has 65 unresolved biopoints, the difference is that one person had a more extreme reaction to the biomarkers than the other. It does not mean one is more unhealthy than the other. The amount of unresolved biopoints is not a health score and can change from scan to scan. .

Understanding Your Report

Understanding Your Report

Understanding Your Report


After scanning you will receive a scan report. It has a scoring circle which indicates your body’s overall unresolved biopoint score. There are a total of 273 biopoints that are analyzed in this extensive body composition analysis. You will include your age, height and weight for the most accurate of results. 

The report shows the score of unresolved biopoints and a suggested supporting product. You can also tap on the product for a product summary for your individualized results.

The Nutrition Your Body Needs

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Why We Chose Nature's Sunshine

Nature’s Sunshine offers premium vitamins and supplements designed to help you reach your health goals. Since introducing capsulated herbal supplements in 1972, Nature’s Sunshine has been the industry standard for dietary supplements for more than 45 years.

Taking a supplement is one of the simplest health approaches you can implement, yet doing so can transform your life. We offer more than 500 different vitamins and supplements, including herbal supplements, essential oils, protein products, and so much more.

Vitamins and supplements can help your body get the nutrition it needs to perform at its best; taking a supplement ensures you get the proper amount of a vitamin or mineral needed for your body to reach peak performance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Receive a iTOVI Nutritional Health Scan?

Do A Large Amount of Unresolved Biopoints Mean I'm Unhealthy?

How Often Should I Receive a iTOVI Nutritional Health Scan?

Those looking for supplement recommendations should scan once every 2-4 weeks. This gives users the opportunity to experience the maximum benefits from the products the scanner recommended. Once the user has taken the supplements for the recommended 2-4 week period, a follow-up scan can be conducted for an updated product recommendation report.

Some iTOVi customers that use essential oils like to incorporate a different oil each day, or an “oil of the day”. Users that do this may choose to scan more frequently to learn which oils are most beneficial at that specific time. iTOVi suggests individuals that fall under this category scan every 3-4 days. 

Is It Safe For Everyone?

Do A Large Amount of Unresolved Biopoints Mean I'm Unhealthy?

How Often Should I Receive a iTOVI Nutritional Health Scan?

Yes, absolutely! The iTOVi scanner is completely safe for all ages. Children, pregnant women, and even people with cardiac issues, can safely use the iTOVi scanner.

Do A Large Amount of Unresolved Biopoints Mean I'm Unhealthy?

Do A Large Amount of Unresolved Biopoints Mean I'm Unhealthy?

Do A Large Amount of Unresolved Biopoints Mean I'm Unhealthy?

Not in the least! A client with 150 unresolved biopoints just had a less extreme reaction to the biomarkers than someone who had, say, 75 unresolved biopoints.

It’s definitely not a health score and it’ll change with every scan because your body is changing constantly! It is also not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have and questions about your health consult your doctor or healthcare provider.